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About SinoRehab

SinoRehab is a healthcare, patient centered medical services company specializing in orthopedic post-op and sports medicine rehabilitation (rehab) treatment, aiming to provide the highest standard of patient satisfaction and consistent clinical outcomes leading to shorter hospital stays, greater ability of physicians to track recovery, and greater hospital efficiency. All of the planning, training, and execution yields the “Gold Standard” in post-op and sports injury rehabilitation.

The company consists of a global team of experienced professionals from the orthopedics and rehab industries, which offers a comprehensive solution for rehabilitation treatment. This solution is based on the rehabilitation clinic operational and treatment protocols established in New York, USA.

SinoRehab partners with Beijing JST Hospital, and brings orthopedic and rehab specialists from HSS and the Mayo Clinic to introduce modern rehab management systems and technologies to China. SinoRehab provides professional pre-op, post-op and non-surgical rehab services, as well as world-class rehabilitation therapy training and education for orthopedic and rehabilitation professionals.

SinoRehab Flagship Clinic

SinoRehab Flagship Clinic is located at Donglian Plaza on the West 2nd Ring Road within Xicheng District, Beijing. It is easily accessible through the subway Line 2 and Line 8 (Gulou Street Station), and in close vicinity to Jishuitan Hospital. The location is convenient, and the interior is well-designed and comfortable.

Rehab Services

We provide professional rehab service to orthopedic and sports-injury related patients. Rehab treatment plan is designed according to each patientís condition. Outcome will be kept tracked by evaluation and measuring system.

  • Orthopedic Rehabilitation

  • Spine Injury Rehabilitation

  • Sports Medicine

  • Institution Service

  • Post Mastectomy Rehabilitation

  • Pre-/Post-Partum Rehabilitation

Besides orthopedic rehabilitation services, we will build Physical Therapist Training Center. The education program is continuous with each level of competence tested and certified. It is the training that distinguishes China Rehab from other companies.
Latest information technology will be used to track patient treatment outcomes. An app will quickly and comprehensively access patient information, keep track of critical clinical patient information (including compliance), and provide measurable goals and outcomes for patients and physicians.